Can not add city in manage >> system??

Till version 2.2 There is a bug when you add a city like san diago , it will not be able to add it. It has been fixed! To fix it goto manage/system/city.php Line 11 $cityname = preg_split(‘/[\s,]+/’, $_POST[‘hotcity’], -1, PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY); Replace it with $cityname = preg_split(‘/[,]+/’, $_POST[‘hotcity’], -1, PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY); And you are done. Thanks

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How to fix Deals not Showing in Front Page

Bug: Even When Time Zone is provided in Groupon Clone , and Deal is posted; It does not show them on front page or recent deals. Reason: Time Checked to parse deals on those pages is only checking Date on Exact Time Solution/Fix: Go to /team/index.php Find   $daytime = strtotime(date(‘Y-m-d’));   And replace with […]

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