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How does Daily attendance module work in Groupon Clone

Daily attendance Concept

Recently in wroupon V4.3 a new module was launched called daily attendance. Which lures customers to return to site daily in order to get reward points. Later Site admin can convert them into Any goody or any product.

How Does it work?

Go to website daily and after login click on daily attendance widget. , This will credit some points into your account. Later when site administrator creates a Credit Shop, You can use your credits and buy some goods out of it.

How to enable this module?

You would first need to enable it, To do so

1.Goto Manage>Settings>Options

And find Daily attendance module Just Enable it

Similar you can disable this feature too.

2.Next Step is to Define Points to be credited on Every Attendance.

To do this goto Manage>Settings>Options>

And then goto  Daily attendance

3. Now Enable Gift Points (Credit Points) or Gift Balance (Website Balance) and save

4. Now Mention Points or Amount to add on every Attendance.

That’s it

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