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API Usages

Affiliates can use api affiliate.php to get Deals details they can use affid url parameter for referral.
Deal data can be shown in any xml format calling /api/index.php

Using api/call.php add following parameters to url for verifying coupon

  • callerid:User id(Optional)
  • num:Coupon number
  • secret:Coupon Secret Code(Optional)
  • action:query(Verify a Coupon)
  • action:consume(Mark coupon as used secret code is must)
API can also be used to create features in your mobile app. For example a merchant app for QR scanner using coupon codes.


Installation Wizard
Wroupon Installation can be done using Wizard. It has quite few steps, Just goto installation page and follow the instructions. We have a tutorial and guide for it.
Most of the features can be configured from DealPHP backend.They can be turned on/off from there.
Tune up for DealPHP can be done from backend , Several features can also be turned off and code can also be edited.


SQL Tables are easy to update , create or delete.
Using Table ,DB class and funtions. Records can be updated to the database

DealPHP(Previously Wroupon) is coded on OOPS based concept, which is very similar to Zend Framework and template is done similar way to smarty engine.

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  • Facebook Comment
  • Facebook Share
  • Twitter Connect
  • Google Connect
  • Yahoo Connect
  • QQ,Sina..


Wroupon templates are HTML based, In recent updates we have used HTML5 for templating. Bootstrap option is also integrated
Since Bootstrap has been used,there is standard CSS3 rules for design and There is standard css for other part of website as well.

Following techniques have been used in DealPHP

  • PHP for programming language
  • MYSQL for Database
  • AJAX for page responses
  • Bootstrap for templating
  • API inegrations for Payments and Social Logins