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Groupon Clone
Groupon Clone comes with paypal to allow you to run in 203 countries and 26 currencies. Send and receive payments safely over borders and language barriers. Choose your country or region..
With Authorize.Net you can accept international transactions from customers worldwide. However, your business must be domiciled in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe or Australia .

More Gateways
Groupon Clone supports 17+ Payment gateways You can check a list Groupon Clone Payment Gateways
In Groupon Clone Facebook Connect makes it easy for customers to take create new account or login, share what they like on your site and comment , It keeps them updated on what they're doing. They can use Facebook connect to login easily

Allows your customers to use their Twitter login for signup and login, Twitter Machine sends deals as your tweet!

Connect with Your groupon clone and Lets you send newsletter to every subscriber!

User your Google Account to login to the system or signup!

User your Yahoo Account to login to the system or signup!

User your QQ, Sina and other accounts to login to the system or signup!